Rockwool 128 kg
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ROCKWOOL® rockwool products are specially developed to provide fire protection to the systems they are applied to. They are manufactured from long fine fibres, spun from molten natural rock, bonded with thermosetting resin. The product are asbestos free. The uniquely formulated contents in the product makes it slightly greyish in colour, ensuring stability of the fibre structures and provides a rigid surface when exposed directly to heat during a fire. The products have remarkable resistance to shrinkage at temperatures encountered in fire conditions.


rockwool products are developed to be used as a fire protection to curtain wall applications. The key application is in sealing of any openings in non-visible areas such as those between the curtain wall and the perimeter edge of the floor slab. This can prevent fire spread and maintained the fire compartment on each floor of the building in an event of fire.

Fire Performance

rockwool products has been subjected to fire resistance test in accordance to BS476 Part 20, in accredited laboratory and achieved two hours fire rating, meeting the integrity and insulation criteria. In this fire test, rockwool Plus of 135mm thickness has been compressed to at least 15% of its total width and fitted into the various openings of the concrete floor slab. Further assessment has been obtained for its usage in safing application for curtain wall. Please refer to your local authority for applicable approvals required on this product.
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