Meatest Calibration

Meatest develop and manufacture electrical calibration instruments for calibration laboratories and testing facilities in electronics, engineering, utility, aeronautics and telecommunications sectors. Designed for automated calibrations our instruments bring effective solutions to customers like NPL, Samsung, Siemens and Volkswagen. Metrological know-how also takes its part in our production of industrial electromagnetic flow meters.

Meatest Manufactures multifunction and special calibrators for electrical laboratories. All Meatest calibrators support computer assisted automated calibration to save your time.

We have Multifunction Calibrators, Process Calibrators, Impedance Standards and Calibrators, Programmable Decades, Power and Energy Calibrators, Special Calibrators, Software for Automated Calibration, Current Coil, Temperature Humidity Monitor.

Meatest also manufactures highly accurate Resistance Decades, High Voltage Decades, RTD simulators, Capacitance decades, AC/DC resistance load.

Meatest also specializes in Electromagnetic Flow meters.

MEATEST M143 Portable Multifunction Calibrator 65ppm
MEATEST M142 Multifunction Calibrator with built in Process Multimeter 10ppm
MEATEST M140 Multifunction Calibrator with built in Process Multimeter 35ppm
MEATEST M133C Power and Energy Calibrator
MEATEST MTE Laboratory Impedance Standards
MEATEST M191 High Resistance Decade and Insulation Tester Calibrator
MEATEST M6X2 Real Resistance Decades
MEATESt M530 RF Resistance Standards
MEATEST M550 Impedance Calibrator
MEATEST M151 High Current Calibrator
MEATEST M160 Precision DC Calibrator
MEATEST M505 Process Calibrator
MEATEST Caliber Software for Automated Calibration
MEATEST Current Coil 3000A
MEATEST Current Coil 1500A
MEATEST Resistance RTD Simulators
MEATEST Programmable Capacitance Decade
MEATEST Programmable AC/ DC resistance load
MEATEST Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter
MEATEST Precision Electromagnetic Flow Meter
MEATEST Electromagnetic Flow Meter
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